Månad: september 2015

Årets Europeiska Forskningskonferens ECER i Budapest fick en ytterligare dimension

Ämne: ECER 2015: Statement on Current Refugee Crisis

Dear Elisabet Nihlfors,

Recurring crises have transformed Europe and its peoples throughout the
centuries. The current refugee crisis and its human and educational
implications were discussed intensively at ECER, the annual conference of the
European Educational Research Association (EERA) in September 2015.

EERA emphasizes that education is central to the framing of ideas and the
construction of life chances.

EERA calls upon member associations and educational researchers across Europe
and beyond to reflect on and act according to our moral and intellectual

Please take a look at and feel invited to contribute to the blog
”refugeesecer2015” which was initiated by a group of ECER participants and
supported by the European Educational Research Journal – EERJ.

EERAs donation plattform supporting the Red Cross in assisting newly arrived
refugees is still open.

Sent in the name of the EERA Council
ECER 2015 Budapest – European Conference on Educational Research

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